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The non-invasive correction you need for your toes.


What is Onyfix?

Sally is our certified nail tech in Onyfix. 

What is Onyfix? 

The Onyfix Nail Correction System is a revolutionary new product for the treatment of ingrown and involuted nails. Sally will apply this customized system onto the affected nail, which then corrects the shape over time through natural nail growth. The system is completely painless to apply and to wear.

If you have any questions, contact Sally by clicking her social links below.

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Onyfix per toe

Do you only need one nail fixed? This would be a great option for you. Sally treats the one nail and will see you back in about 12 weeks for any adjustments. 

This is for men and women.

Closeup of female feet and toes. Healthy feet concept.jpg
manicure pedicure

Onyfix Pedicure

This service is amazing. Sally will treat the affected toe and give you a dry pedicure to help with your feet as well. Yes ladies, this includes polish!

Men, no worries, no polish for you.

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