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Grow with us.


Our Mission

Our mission is to care about every single person and live by our core values:


Love: a concern for others

Joy: cheerfulness not based on our circumstances

Peace: contentment that brings harmony with others

Patience: the ability to endure hardships; resisting anger when others offend us

Kindness: having a tender heart and a desire to share generosity with others

Goodness: do what's right, even when no one is looking

Faithfulness: loyalty to others, keeping your promises

Gentleness: a humble attitude, willingness to listen to the wisdom of others

Self-Control: the strength to do what you're supposed to do even when you want to do something else

Our Culture

Our culture is an ever learning environment. We all treat each other with respect. We love bouncing ideas off of each other and learning from one another. We have an upscale yet relaxing feel here at Sela Salon and Spa.

What We Offer

All products provided except for personal tools.

401k matching up to 6% after a year.

Aflac available.

Great environment to work in.

Rewards and recognition for amazing work ethic.

Learn how to brand and promote yourself with our unique training.

Train with Julie and Brandy, our in salon educators.

Quick training to get behind the chair with confidence.

Anniversary gifts.

Much More!

To apply, please click below to fill out the application.

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